Striving for excellence

Striving for excellence
 Commitment to excellence - a completely natural process. People who have better skills, abilities, and have an excellent appearance, receive more benefits than others. It is easier to get a job, it is easier to build a relationship. Therefore, many tend to be better than they are at the moment.  

The more often a person increases their skills, the better, eventually becomes his life. The more often a person improves their appearance, the more confident he feels. The more people know, the smarter it becomes. Such examples are many. Commitment to excellence makes people more competitive in all areas of life.

If you have little knowledge and skills, you are likely to be difficult to find a job. Or move up the career ladder. Therefore, we must try to achieve perfection in everything. Best to negotiate, deal in computer programs, make deals and, of course, not to make mistakes.

Many people try every day to improve their appearance. After all, the more attractive they are, the greater their friends and acquaintances. So try to have had the perfect tan, very flat tummy, the most fashionable outfit.

But sometimes the pursuit of perfection can reach up to the point of absurdity. And then it is called a disease. He no longer even has a name - perfectionism. Or, as it can still be called, illness student. People with this condition are trying to do everything perfectly.

And it even goes into mania. Such a person will not even throw out the garbage without beautiful styling, makeup literate and stylish clothes. Naturally, his friends have a hard time. Entrust such a person thing - is to postpone the execution of a very long time. After the patient will seek to make it perfect. And it takes a couple of minutes far.

Imagine you were asked to close their warm up your dinner. An hour passed, but he had not yet ready. Two hours later and only if your name is on the dinner. You come and see covered at the restaurant table, a few different dishes, cheese with a tear, lighted candles and starched napkins. It is unlikely that you need it. After all, you just wanted to have dinner.

Always need to achieve the best results, but to make your desire not passed in perfectionism. The distinction between these concepts is very thin. But it is possible to find. Just do not bring it to an absurdity all your actions, then you will always be attractive to other people.

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