Life is 100 percent

Life is 100 percent
 Many of us love and appreciate life. But sometimes we do to restrain myself and not let get away from it all 100 percent pleasure, she gives us. Sometimes the cause of this is unnecessary and silly conventions, sometimes - limitations associated with the concept of a healthy lifestyle. But recently there have been reports that cast doubt on the benefits of such restrictions.

The head physician of the Brazilian city of Puerto Alegre, known Dr. Paulo Ubiratã, in a recent interview on television spoke about that previously unshakable postulates governing healthy lifestyle, it is worth questioning. Ubiratã doctor said that it is often nothing but harm they bring. With all responsibility, with reference to his years of medical experience, he has denied the benefits of vegetarianism and physical stress on the cardiovascular system.

Exercises for its development can not extend human life, but rather to significantly reduce its stated Ubiratã. According to him, the amount of muscle contraction depends on the safety margin of the heart, therefore increasing their consumption during exercise, you reduce the life expectancy of spending this stock prematurely. As an example, the doctor brings a vehicle that are driven at high speed, it does not mean an increase in its service life.

According to MIGnews, Dr. Ubiratã calls not strain your body, if you have no pain. He advises eating spicy and fried, drink beer and wine, eat meat, actively engaged in sex, provided that it does not cause disorders and diseases. And we should not, in his words, especially to strain the body.

As an argument, the doctor gives postmen who go walking every day, but, nevertheless, do not live longer than other people. Thick sea whales - killer whales swim all my life and only eat fish, drink water, but fat they still enough. Hares jump and run all day, but live only 15 years, whereas slow turtles can live to 450 years.

Arguments doctor, of course, no doubt, but still, in the logic of it is difficult to deny. Perhaps, indeed, to live, to give 100 percent satisfaction from it will be more useful than harass a food restrictions and excessive physical activity.

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