Humor - Secret Weapon

Humor - Secret Weapon
 Humor prolong human life, helps to relax and look at many things more positively. However, as it turned out, humor - it is also the secret weapon, the development of which can bring very significant results.

Humor - a weapon that can help achieve a certain status or position, draw the attention of the opposite sex. And also used in order to feel superior over the opponent or interlocutor.

If we talk about humor as a weapon on to attract the attention of the opposite sex, it is easier to explain with an anatomical point of view. The scientists found that a sense of humor was embedded in human gene, or rather, in his genetic algorithm development.

How, then, using a sense of humor, is possible to obtain a certain position? It turns out that in recent modern research found that about 97% of people would like to see their boss had a good sense of humor, while 65% believe a sense of humor one of the most privileged qualities, which should have an ordinary employee.

It is the staff who know how good joke, create a cohesive team. In addition, according to the statistics, employees who can laugh at themselves, are more successful.

According to psychologists, humor can literally disarm and destroy the enemy. If there are conflicts, the successful joke helps to defuse the situation. For example, interpersonal conflict, humor - this is the primary means to settle conflicts.

People often joke with people with whom he established an informal relationship. Or when people of different social status, for example, managers and subordinates, teacher and student, after a joke, initiated by the senior officer, the relationship becomes more equal informal.

Using humor as a weapon to achieve their own goals, remember that the main thing - do not overdo it. As between humor and unserious traced a very fine line.

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