How to get rid of resentment

How to get rid of resentment
 Proverb in which to carry water offended, correct, as well as all the popular wisdom. Offended you with uncharacteristic zeal you plunge into work hard not to notice the signs of attention of a man who said or did you do something bad. But apart from the fact that you a few hours to do it all that accumulated for days, nothing good comes out of resentment. With this condition you have to fight itself, sorting out their fears and complexes.
 You are offended when people do not close as you'd expect. And the most bitter resentment is just on favorite. You can be upset about the boorish behavior of the seller, because of the injustice of the authorities, because of the bad weather, the offending plans for the weekend. But it is quickly forgotten and does not touch the heart and soul. You are able to escape from these unpleasant incidents and find the next something good in another event.

But resentment on your favorite not so easy to forget. Offense can try to drive away, but it will sit there and slowly poison your life. This will not lead to anything good. A series of such strong emotions suppressed here lead to stress or depression, which can lead to a divorce if you are married or in a breakup, if you do not made out. Why did the act or words of a loved one that did not meet your expectations, you have such an effect?

You do not think that this can no longer figure out how to fix something. And in most cases you do come up with a lot of excess, that really meant was not available. Easier and better to deal with the situation immediately, without postponing, not to sulk in vain. Say what you offend such words or deeds, and ask why did so beloved. If the result turns out that the whole thing was a misunderstanding, you do not have time to take offense, and there will be no unpleasant residue in the shower.

Forgiveness is always given difficult, you have to overcome internal resistance, and usually you are waiting for some kind of compensation for mental discomfort. A man feels guilty, gives you gifts and tenderness tries to make amends. In this case, there is a risk to use their views often offended to receive compensation. This bad habit and like any blackmail, would not be good in your relationship. Get rid of all of their offense - they lead to destruction.

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