How to deal with shyness

How to deal with shyness
 Almost everyone at least once in his life faced with a situation where excessive shyness prevented the achievement of results. Someone because it missed the lucrative contract, someone failed to meet an interesting man, well, someone failed job interview for a good position. Shyness prevents life and, therefore, need to get rid of it.
 Complexes often stem from childhood. But back to that sweet time and fix yourself a man is not given. Therefore it is necessary to roll up their sleeves and work on ourselves in the present. No doubt, this is a long and laborious process. It is impossible to wake up one fine morning all the perfect man. But you can decide to start to correct itself. And this time, no doubt, will be a turning point in your life.

Very often people are timid because they are afraid not reflect invented rules. Naturally, it is impeding communication. Do not be afraid of what you are convicted. If you can not make a commitment, discard them. Many people try to stick simply because they are afraid to say "no." If you understand that your consent to something infringe your rights, resolutely refused. You do not have to obey others.

Never make excuses. If you have done a certain way, then you have my reasons. Not necessary to prove to everyone that you just could not do otherwise in a particular situation. Do not think that you strongly condemn. The right to do as he sees fit, have each person. Of course, if it is not a violation of the laws.

You can do wrong, make a mistake, misjudged the situation, do not understand something, do not know what the others know. And this is perfectly normal. After all, you are an ordinary person, and does not need to be perfect in everything. All make certain mistakes, remember about it. If you realize that you did wrong, think about how not to repeat such mistakes in the future, not about the fact that now people think about you. Admit your mistakes, and after a while you become a more confident person.

Always evolving. If you regularly receive new knowledge, you will feel more confident. You can start with the basics - daily read literature. Moreover, preference should be given not Pulp Fiction, and the classics. You can also start learning foreign languages ​​or to enroll. Smarter than you become, the less reason you will have to shyness.

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