Enneagram. Mediator

Enneagram. Mediator
 The technique identifies nine Enneagram types of human personality. The man who controls the instinct - is representative of the ninth type, which can be called a mediator or peacemaker.

According to the teachings of the Enneagram, there are three basic ways of thinking: the emotional mind, the intellectual mind and the instinctive mind, which corresponds to the center of the heart, head and body. Mediator or peacemaker - is the ninth type of personality, instinctive, which is run by the center of the body.

People of this type are most eager to peace and harmony, so look gentle, discreet and attentive. Nothing disturbs their sleep, both in the literal and figurative meaning of these words. The "nines" strikingly developed intuition. From childhood dream of the ideal, so loving relationship with a partner for them is paramount in the scale of values.

Mediators seek rapprochement with others spiritually and physically, because it frees them from the inner emptiness. However, they are valued and loneliness, because it restores the integrity of their nature. In dealing with people fawning can be replaced by absolute contempt. Resellers can become very assertive. Often avoid responsibility for themselves, while condemning others and external circumstances.

In the social sphere Intermediaries peacekeepers cause impression attentive listeners, but may in fact be a "thing in itself". They are good mediators and counselors, support of loved ones. However, by "nine" hard decisions, it is easier to ignore the controversy postponing the problem indefinitely. Do not know how to prioritize. Difficult for them to bring the matter to the finale of the constant distraction by irrelevant detail.

Under stress mediator may change habitual behavior, starting to neglect the needs and attitudes of others. Follow their own ideas, it becomes difficult, so it is constantly re-evaluates the situation.

In the state of security "Nine" there harmoniously, seeking to focus on the purposes set before them. As a result, they are willing to move mountains, often losing the need for rest (workaholism).
Through the development of the Mediator will be the development of the ability to act without delay, as well as communication skills, clearly setting out their thoughts without fear of conflicts. The main flaw of the ninth type is lazy, the base is a desire to do nothing, to see how things develop.

"Nine" fixed on procrastination - is the need to remain impartial in order to avoid disputes, the desire to appease any way. Intermediaries virtue is the ability to instinctive, spontaneous actions that do not depend on emotion or reason. Ninth type controls instinct that the key to his personality.

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