5 thoughts on which you need to get rid of

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 You never thought that you are ruining their lives by some obsessive thoughts? The work, family, relationships every person has some ideas, and if life is not the same with them, start the nerves and hysteria. Try to dismiss five most harmful thoughts and immediately notice how you will be easier to communicate with others.

"I probably will not work, it's hard! "The most direct way to achieve what you say to yourself, if you start to deal with such a thought. It is strange, if in the end you have something happen. After all, once you program yourself to a negative result. Instead of emphasizing the difficulties, better think about what you can do, to try my best and will be able to.

"What a stupid day was today? Horror, just awful! "And this is an example of summarizing, and disappointing. If you are tired of the day happened to you or something that spoil the overall impression, it is not necessary to bring down all in a heap. Remember the cardinal rule - all should be clear and precise separation. That's a negative share in the same direction, positive - to another. It so happens that only one small trouble can lubricate really good day. Or maybe just one positive event that you will remember, you will be enough to wipe out all the hardships of a long day.

"I'm stupid (ugly, inconsiderate, tactless, undisciplined, nobody loves me)" options could be a million. Often in a bad mood women begin to critically scrutinize themselves and horrified by what they see. To dwell on such thoughts is not necessary, moreover, chase them as soon as they notice. Follow the example of Scarlett "Gone With the Wind", if you have a bad mood, think about everything that comes to you now in the head tomorrow. Believe me, waking up in the morning, you will feel not so terrible.

"For everything in this life must be fought. Nothing good will come for "This is only partly true. Do not think that great job or a terrific young man can not fall on you from the sky. Make an effort, of course, necessary, but there are things in life that are simple and easy. And we must learn to accept such gifts and not look at them as if they were something wrong.

"First, I will do everything for the other, and then for himself," If you are a wife and especially my mother, I want to do everything at the same time, as a part of the forces and minutes do not remain. But in no case should not turn it into a tradition. Remember Me always, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, love yourself. Throw out of my head all the negative thoughts and you will immediately become easier and more comfortable. Think of a bright and positive, and the dark and gloomy shake the shoulders and leave aside! Start a new life, now you have it get much easier!

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