10 Steps to confidence

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 According to statistics, excessive suspiciousness affects about 30 percent of the population of our planet. At the same time there are many ways to help gain confidence and the ability to enjoy the present. The main thing - to want.

1. Look at the people openly and confidently. When a person in conversation eye contact - so he knows what he is talking, he can be trusted. And his words convincing.

2. Do not compare yourself with others. The lives of others, especially public (models, actors, and so on. D.), Depending on their appearance - they earn this money. And help them in this make-up artists and stylists. In our lives and in the work of other criteria. Do not compare, but rather allow yourself to relax in the sauna or swimming pool - rested people envy.

3. Try to walk straight. Ssutulenny and hunched man his whole appearance said: "I am uncomfortable in front of you, I distract you with their chatter." You must make it a rule not only walk, but also to live with the royal carriage. Even if no one sees you.

4. Speak boldly and wisely. It with different words-parasites tires, amuses and irritates the audience and, of course, is not respect your opponent, especially if to defend his point of view.

5. Sleep on it. Have you noticed that it is best to think in the morning from 7-00 to 11-00 (of course, if you slept at least 7 hours). Therefore, saying "The early bird catches the worm" very urgent. Try all things to start and decide in the morning.

6. Strive to knowledge. Confident person - someone who knows the answer. Should not just "grab" the information from books, media, and to take it selectively pass through itself, learn to apply it in practice.

7. Be able to refuse. Learn to give to others (and yourself, too, by the way) in a firm voice, because the word "no", said without confidence - this is probably "yes".

8. Let's fight back. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, do not swallow the insult, and quietly tell me what you do not like.

9. Look for the positive. Find and mark all over the first good.

10. overcome difficulties. Do not give in to the challenges. If you look closely, they give you a chance to evaluate their own.

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