What women think

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 Every man wants to know what women think. Perhaps the reason for that - all well-known female mystique. That hurts men the fact that they know the thoughts of women, things could be different. And the man could finally understand the feminine essence, desires, actions and statements.  

Men sincerely hope that, knowing the thoughts of his chosen ones, it will be easier to understand the logic of the famous women and female behavior.

Sometimes the desire to read the thoughts arise from a sense of insecurity that man will say or do something wrong, but here is all depends on the situation.
Well, if you're curious about what thoughts the average woman, say the middle class and age, here's a list of them, study!

So, the average woman in the head can swarm the following (again, again, make allowances for the profession, marital status, age and time of day) thoughts:
- Men, sex, orgasm, why men often lazy, are inattentive, not talkative, closed;
- Children, parents: there, there, everything was in order, the lessons learned there, what school performance;
- Cosmic galaxies, stars, universe;
- Repair;
- Shopping in girlfriends, shops, cars;
- New saucepan, plates, bowls;
- Commerce, loans, investments, how to buy the currency, how to save on vacation, a new fur coat, earrings;
- Harmony, love, romance, flowers;
- Misunderstanding, loneliness, cruelty people can not change the world;
- The envy of friends, secrets of men, anger, meanness;
- How to lose weight for a couple of pounds, what color to disguise what to wear to work;
- About what gift to give in-law, to be useful and not very expensive, but pleasant; - What do hair and a better master, should be the color of nail polish with lipstick tone which bags are fashionable this season, why mink fur coat;
- Whether there are winter boots, warm clothing for children in the winter than to cure the common cold, how to get a spot with your favorite blouse;
- How to lose weight, which will keep the cream complexion, but get rid of wrinkles;
- Where to buy a new dress to look stunning at corporate;
- How to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary, and whom to invite;
- How to organize a meeting of partners sign a lucrative contract, reduce costs;
- How to fix a computer that is buggy, where to buy a new phone at a discount, why has stopped working hood, drip tap, no electricity;
- How to find a common language with the boss, co-workers;
- Why a child did not go in the model;
- Some new dish to impress in-law, husband, parents;
- When my husband learned to cook, wash, clean, take care of yourself, you and the children;
- Where to go on vacation.

And, of course, the standard question: what to do and where to take all the money?

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