Types and characteristics of psychological dependence

Types and characteristics of psychological dependence
 Surely each of you have heard sad stories about people, ruined due undying passion for gambling, or hard to "play with death", or on the basis of crazed enthusiasm of some newfangled idea. Normal average person is so strange that he only shrug his shoulders in perplexity: the right would have been alcoholics or drug addicts, there is at least understandable - dependency! And these, what they lacked why behaved that way? And here, too addictive. Only another kind - psychological.

Woman ready to spend hours shopping with burning eyes, forgetting about her household duties? Infinitely consider clothing, shoes, clothes, handbags, pantyhose, cosmetics and perfumes, and then be sure to at least buy something? Even knowing that it is absolutely not necessary that the house waiting for her and another scandal because of the money spent in vain, and accusations of selfishness? Alas, this is not selfishness, but much the worst thing - psychological dependence on shopping.

Head of the family again "squandered" all pay in the underground hall slot machines? Although just a week ago swore by all the saints that will bypass these places for a hundred steps, knowing that the patience of his wife is about to burst, and it will come before the divorce. Here, too, psychological dependence on gambling.

The couple, barely having time to return from the one extreme of travel in the most wild and dangerous place, again gathered "tickle nerves" in another, equally dangerous, region, ignoring the pleas of relatives and friends, saying that we do not regret, so think although to the child, he's still very young! God forbid, what would happen, how can it be without mom and dad? There is no doubt: the husband and wife in a strong psychological dependence on perceived risk. They can not imagine life without the constant adrenaline rush.

The list is far from complete. Like a lot of dependencies. So what to do? Is it possible to somehow mitigate, reduce such acts or is it impossible?

In contrast to the "chemical dependency" such as drug addiction, alcoholism, smoking, when the products of metabolism (the collapse of chemicals) take part in the life of the organism, and it is with a certain moment can not do without them, psychological dependence is more easily corrected. But, of course, the person who wants to get rid of this addiction must, above all, he realize the danger of their behavior and wish to deal with it. And then, if necessary, have recourse to a therapist.

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