The role of speech in human relations

The role of speech in human relations
 Sometimes a kind word, said at the time, can create miracles. People - a social being, and therefore do not communicate only through actions and gestures, but, first of all, verbally, that is, with the help of speech. In short, you can cheer, encourage, or vice versa hurt no worse than any weapon. Why is it sounds simple matter to us so important?

The fact is that when a person hears the word or phrase in his head instantly fires associative chain. Therefore, the impact of the spoken words instantly. No sooner had you really figure out what blurted out in the heat of an argument to his companion, and he was offended or felt something of what you had not thought. After all, everyone has their own association. From all this practical conclusion - you need to learn to communicate with each other, finding the right words, that you will agree, is not always very easy to implement.

First and foremost, it is important to remember that what you say and how they say in a stressful situation, to put it simply, in quarrels. At a time when emotions ran high, insulting word may fly unnoticed, but the consequences of this seemingly insignificant little word can be truly catastrophic. Think, if you absolutely want to hurt your friend, maybe you should not persist in this too? After all, by speaking about each other nasty things, even if truthful, you are unlikely to improve this their relationship. What happened instead? Mountain of broken dishes or a subpoena, you really want it to be over that way?

No need to compare - it's pointless! "I Natasha husband out how much earns and how much do you earn? "Or" neighborhood kids are so smart, why did you have me such mediocrity? "Not only do such comparisons you insult a man with whom I communicate, so also can cause jealousy or even an inferiority complex. Not to mention the fact that the comparison with other absolutely nothing changes. Think about it, Natashkin husband, of course fellow, but he is a different person to what to compare it with its not obvious? And if your children have become clones of the neighborhood, you would love them as much as you love her?

Please note, some words and phrases you use most. What abounds your speech? If you eat more often negatively stained phrase, saying that to do something difficult or impossible - you are programming yourself and others a negative result from the outset. It is much nicer to hear about what you will do it right than a phrase like "you do not know how to do it, will certainly nonsense and everyone will laugh." Try to paint their positive phrases! This will help both you and your family.

Remember one simple rule - people love to talk about themselves. This does not mean you have to pull ticks information about what people do and how he feels. If you want to talk, be sure to tell. Just do not overload the dialogue in person. It's one thing to share news, more - not listening to anything else, for several hours whining about how hard life to you. To strike a balance in all things and talking about each other as well.

Try to maintain goodwill, even if it is not easy. People who know how to control myself and politely respond even tactless attacks his companions, always appreciated and respected because not everyone is able to do. Communicate easily and bring people warm and positive. If you set up friendly - you will always be pleasant to listen to and surrounding to reach for you.

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