Between the patient and psychologist

Between the patient and psychologist
 In our turbulent times, everyone is facing difficulties at work, in personal relationships or in communicating with other people. But not all have the courage and strength to turn for help, forgetting that the advice of a professional psychologist can become a lifeline in a sea of ​​emergency and permanent stress.

In Western psychological practice appeal to a psychologist - is the norm, abnormal deemed a "non-treatment" to a specialist. We have also yet the opposite is true: the recourse to a psychologist is considered something shameful, ashamed. But in our society stereotypes are changing, people are increasingly coming to realize that a psychologist can really help in solving various problems effectively and safely.

The first meeting between the client and the psychologist is the greatest excitement and anxiety in the first and usually wears a familiarization advisory. During the meeting (and sometimes in the next few) clarifies the essence of the client's request. For this purpose, a conversation, a variety of diagnostics instruments.

To reduce anxiety customer psychologist explains what will be his work. Together they set some rules stipulate mutual obligations and meeting schedule (frequency and duration). Thus, they conclude an agreement to work together, then you must make a formal contract.

The very first meeting is particularly important, because it was she who sets the pace and nature of all subsequent work. Psychologist tries to find an approach to the client, which allows you to create a relationship of trust necessary for the further productive activity. Work with each person individually specific, ie, not and should not be a mandatory scheme, which must adhere to the consultation.

It is worth noting that the work is guided by the code of ethics expert psychologist, containing the basic principles of morality and ethics. This code is designed to protect the interaction between psychologist and client, which also contributes to the formation of the necessary atmosphere of trust

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