As a woman lying

As a woman lying
 It's no secret that everyone has something to hide. This does not necessarily have to be something important, even on the contrary - most often it is the little things that we do not want to clutter your life. Throughout human history have struggled with this government, church, parents, but nobody has been able to eradicate what is necessary for our society to survive. Moreover, it should be noted that women are lying and hiding things no less than men, perhaps even more.  

So how and why women lie? The answer is elementary - image. Lies for women - the art, an integral part of life, which can not be rejected, because the image of Venus has long been described as the image to the edges filled with mysticism and mystery.

In fact, to distinguish truth from lies female is almost impossible, despite the fact that it could be a close friend, which are familiar from childhood. No, because no one teaches lie, this is not devote courses or lectures. Just born with it.

Motives can be the sea: maintaining distance, maintain relations, unwillingness to excite certain people. Oh, beautiful "white" lie for good. A rare woman would be to lie in order to elevate himself above anyone or anything. This is below it, and certainly not worthy of her fall.

As a rule, women's secret lies is the belief, and the main reason and eternal - the society. Why so?
Because so believable lie, you have to believe. We must believe in what you are really there was something and do something. Otherwise, no way.

A society is a major factor mainly because of the views and opinions: the girl must be a mystery in her eyes should be something elusive. It begins in childhood, when my mother in the very foundation of reason pierce the phrase "You're a girl! "That the end of life makes girls and young women actresses.

Actresses of life that it is impossible not to believe, and who believe themselves. These girls are beautiful temptress, always welcome heroines dreams. This is a unique, but a mutually beneficial contract with destiny.

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