Trade Off? No compromises!

Trade Off? No compromises!
 Compromise - is mutual concessions, but not sacrifice their own interests for the benefit of another person, as many people think. The ability to come to an agreement in personal relationships and in business matters - a sign of a strong and self-confident person. Weak as regards compromise as an attack on their freedom, interests, principles, it is difficult to find a solution that would satisfy all parties to the dispute. But not always mutual concessions can benefit.

From early childhood, a person is inspired that any situation you need to be able to resolve with the help of the conversation. In some ways, sometimes worth to concede to his opponent, and at other times he will give way to you. In these words there is truth. But the ability to negotiate, bring the case to the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned, is given not for everyone. Anyone who knows how to do it, can find a way out of almost any situation.

Many people confuse compromise with deference. They believe that giving up some of their ideas, interests in favor of another person and there is a compromise.

For example, the two friends decided to go somewhere together. But one of them loves the theater, while others prefer a movie. And they can not decide where did they go. One of them, not to quarrel, refuses to see the new movie, and friends go to the show. As a result, the evening is not as good as we would like, because the interests of one of her friends were not satisfied. In this case, there is a concession, not a compromise. But if the girlfriend went to a cafe or a museum, then they both spent a wonderful evening, well communicated, and none of them have not gone mad.

But is it always necessary to look for a solution that would satisfy all opponents? If the question to be decided is not for you fundamental, it is worth to compromise and persuaded to other people. But do not compromise when it affects your family, involves fundamental changes in life can influence events in the future, to change you as a person.

For example, if after childbirth husband persuades his wife to stay home and not go out to work, instead of promises to provide you entirely. It seems such a decision should arrange both husband knows that the house will always order and comfort, and the wife does not think, where did she get the money for this or that thing. But if the husband suddenly loses his job, not the fact that a woman can help him to establish the financial position of the family, since she lost the habit of work, lost their qualifications, skills and abilities. Taken once a compromise solution did not benefit.

There should be no compromise if one presses on you in making a decision, but he does not want to give in to their advantage. By and large, we can not even say that he is trying to find a mutually beneficial solution to the problem, he's just trying to grossly manipulate you.

Sometimes more effective to use other methods of conflict resolution. If you constantly have to find a compromise solution to the problem when dealing with one the same person, you may want to stop to talk with him.

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