Man changes sex

Man changes sex
 Not all people are lucky by nature. Sometimes it happens that in the bodies of women entered the souls of men or male bodies - the souls of women. But in this case it is necessary to take? And what it is - a life before and after the sex change?  

Understand the complexity of how the life of a man whose soul is enclosed in the body create another, better than the stories of one of the "witnesses" will not work. And therefore it is necessary to apply it to the original source.
So, meet - is Catherine, she is now 37, previously Stepan.

On early childhood: "What I do not like it, I realized even in his early age. I was then about a year 3. While swimming with my sister, I realized that I want my body was the same as hers, but not the same as it is I have ... ".

About adolescence: "As a teenager most of all I did not have enough women's dresses, so I secretly raided komissionki. It is clear that the time was not really choose - had to miss all that literally came to hand. "

About the operation: "The operation was easy. When she woke up from the anesthesia, immediately called my mom. She was crying. Understanding came only later and not immediately. "

About his son: "At the time when I was a man, I had a son. His in this world I love more than anything and I'm proud. Told him only after surgery. Immediately asked not to say anything, everything is good to think about and then contact me. Now that's just waiting for the decision and very worried. "

On the future: "Despite the fact that the means is not very good, but now I feel full life and really pleased with myself. I believe in the best and certainly meet that one, but for now just wait ... ".

All that is stated above, this is only the emotional side of the problem. But in fact, when a sex change but problems with emotions arise and some others. So, for example, our society is very wary and even reprehensible applies to all those who have suffered sex-change operation. And it is very, very hard for a man, after all creates psychological pressure.

In addition, the problem arises with the operation. First of all, in order to pass it necessary number of special studies. Call this operation is too simple and inexpensive too impossible.
And finally, do not forget to replace all the documents, which will also require additional financial investment and time.

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