How to survive the unhappy love

How to survive the unhappy love
 Unrequited love is always a pain, and the more the first feeling, the harder it is put off. But millions of people who have experienced similar frustration, find the strength to live on, which means that they have to find you.
 Start keeping a diary. Burn it all the experiences in the smallest details, do not hold at the same emotions. This "working out" of negative thoughts recommended by psychologists in order to establish the state of mind and get rid of depression.

Clean away all those things that you are reminded of uncomplicated ways. This can be any photos, gifts former lover. Can and does destroy them if it will bring you peace of relief.

Try to distract on something interesting, go by what you always did not have enough time: learn a foreign language, learn driving or landscaping, do not lose heart.

Make new friends, chat with friends, participate in parties, do not give up activities at work. You can enroll in any courses or to their health: to buy a subscription to the swimming pool, sports center.

Spend anger management sessions. Relax, take a comfortable position, say the following affirmations: "I'm fine", "God cares for me", "I have met the love", "I am a beautiful, self-sufficient, successful woman." Take a walk in the fresh air, drink soothing herbal teas with lemon balm and mint. Help and yoga classes.

Look around: how many different men around you. Among them is the one to whom you sure are cute. This may be a co-worker or neighbor on the landing. Not necessarily immediately begin to "build a new love", but to go on a date if you are invited, it is possible. And suddenly out of it something really worthwhile?

It is not necessary to follow the life of the person with whom you have left. Cross out it from your sight, do not listen to gossip about him girlfriends. You have to prove to everyone - that you are proud of a wise woman, and that he should suffer, who lost you, and not vice versa.

Feel free to build their future, and leave the past in the past. Do not be afraid of me: Is it possible to do this you have to change the image and place of work, become more courageous, self-confident, strong woman.

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