What to do when a bad mood

What to do when a bad mood
 Waking up one morning, you suddenly realize that your mood will not do. And in front of a working day, during which the need to redo a lot of cases, the same evening - and even chat with your family. What to do? After all, without a good mood and things are not so good at, and the desire to communicate with others not.

The cause of bad mood can be anything you want. Quarrel with the husband or wife, parents, friends, reprimand, obtained from the authorities, the forthcoming implementation of unpleasant duties, etc. Situations that may spoil the mood in our life occurs very, very much. It is therefore important to be able to adjust to a different way, to cheer up even the toughest conditions.

Well, if you have friends who are always ready to support you, to listen to your problems. When it is difficult - call a friend, talk to him. Reprimand, you and the problem will not seem so serious, and the mood will be better. Or maybe your friend, too, have some difficulties and to communicate, you can help him solve them.

Get rid of negative emotions will help ordinary sheet of paper. Take a blank sheet of paper, draw their experiences. Draw whatever you think reflects your current state: rain, clouds, and maybe even a portrait of the man on whom angry. Then take a look at your masterpiece. May solve the problem for you and it does not help, but I do - make smile.

Work out. During exercise produced endorphins - the hormones of joy and happiness. In addition, exercise can help get in shape. But it can not sufficiently flat tummy and was the cause of your bad mood?

You can turn on your favorite music, associated with some pleasant moments of life. Listening to it, you'll remember that time when you were good, and your mood will rise gradually.

If a bad mood due to some unpleasant thoughts, try to escape from them. Read a book, watch a good comedy or some other movie, take a walk on the favorite places in your town, go to a cafe and have a cup of coffee with a delicious cake.

Tips on how to lighten the mood, very much. But each person is different and something that will help one to another may not work. Yet there is one trouble-free way that helps almost all - is the smile. Smile more, and then your life just will not place a bad mood.

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