I do not want to be lonely

I do not want to be lonely
 At first glance, you are all well: a brilliant career, a comfortable apartment, the availability of money, but it is still not resolved the issue of privacy and solitude begins to put pressure on all sides. First becomes empty and sad inside, and after such a state becomes a habit. But if you do not want to stay until the end of his days lonely woman, it is necessary to identify and prevent the causes of such a sad state of affairs.  

Since this condition depends on your spiritual world, one of the reasons can be considered self-doubt. This disadvantage is how to prevent a trust, to show its nature from different angles. You begin to consider themselves ugly or uninteresting, thus adjusting itself to failure in communicating with the opposite sex. In fact, you are all well and try to be bolder, freer. And then your life will change for the better.

On the other hand, loneliness may stem from different women's fad, which grew over time in quite a notable oddities. For example - the fanatical pursuit of weight loss, painful desire for order throughout. But anyone will make a lot of confusion in your life clutter in your perfectly clean apartment. Also, the reason can be a passion for shopping. You do not control their actions, put this desire in the first place.

Yes, of course, you are slender and beautifully dressed, you can easily recommend the best any diet or give a list of future sales, advice on how to maintain perfect order in closets, but do not go too far. After all, the man, the appearance of which you so want, fall in love with you entirely, and not your ideal home or a stunning figure. Never put these particular above the main thing - human relations. Try not to make these weaknesses the meaning of life. Control yourself, learn to combine the pursuit of excellence with the realities of life, because if you are a perfectionist too, then you've got everything must be perfect, and not just individual moments.

Expand your social circle, because if you constantly sit at home and do not go out alone can not be avoided. Constantly try to be on the move: go to the movies with friends, clubs, attend exhibitions, walks in the park. It will bring you not only moral satisfaction and help to dispel, but later turn you into a sociable and popular person to whom loneliness is not threatened at least because of the lifestyle.

Do not be arrogant and inaccessible. Men are afraid of women, moreover, is not interesting to them, because to listen to hours of all your virtues impossible. You should pay attention not only to themselves but also to his friend, he, too, has a story to tell. Do not get smart in front of the man, and behave naturally. This will cause much more interesting than the story about how much you know. Also, do not be too sarcastic: extra word easily hurt your interlocutor. Prefers light irony, attitude to communicate easily and then loneliness will pass you side.

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