How to make friends with life: overcoming the crisis of the negative balance

How to make friends with life: overcoming the crisis of the negative balance
 If a person takes more out of life than it gives, then the phenomenon psychologists call "the crisis of the negative balance." During this period people "unprofitable" to society. Expect it to something useless. Typically, this problem manifests itself in the period of entering into adulthood, at precisely the moment when young people are trying to find themselves and determine their path in life.

The crisis has a negative balance refers to the psychological problems that go beyond the conventional. And to help solve them can only be a very good specialist, because the usual practice is not enough.

Such a crisis usually "covers" those people who are not accustomed from childhood to work. That is when the parents wanted him to do something (take out the trash, wash the floor, cook dinner), it seemed to him senseless. The main desire of adolescents is doing nothing. It is this laziness and they carry into adulthood. While their friends tend to build their careers, start a family, and so on, people are exposed to the crisis of the negative balance, do it all and do not want to stand at a crossroads.

Accordingly, the problems begin not only psychological (not his place in life), but also quite a material (no income of their own, work). However, due to the fact that people just can not imagine how he rectify the situation, he continues to drift.

Such an individual, say psychologists, it is very susceptible to internal soul-searching. This is because he can somehow exist only when the environment is favorable to him. If obstacles begin, the person is under the influence of the crisis of the negative balance is lost and goes around to engage in soul-searching.

By the way, this crisis may be manifested not only in the transition to adulthood, but also in any other. Just when entering adulthood, many young people are concerned about their place in the world. That is why most crisis-prone youth negative balance.

To overcome the crisis, it is necessary to go back to basics. To do this, you must realize a problem you have, and only then look for solutions. Specialist help his patient finally enter into life, and learn to give her what is possible and necessary for the harmonious development of personality.

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