How to get attention

How to get attention
 Now people have to solve a lot of problems, even devoting his spare time working to feed their families. And win the attention of a loved one is very difficult. And in permanent employment can not help noticing that someone needs a few minutes of your time, just a few warm and pleasant words.
 If your significant other when he got home from work, immediately collapses on the couch, you should not be offended and to provoke a quarrel. Treat your partner's behavior quietly. Maybe he was really tired and want to relax. A conversation about the lack of attention put off until a more appropriate moment.

Engage your partner. Perhaps it is to you, and something needs to be corrected in itself. Try to be the person who wants to know the time, you were drawn to people.

There is still a good and effective method - is to behave as if you do not care about other people's attention, but on the contrary, your attention must be earned. But it is likely to achieve the opposite effect and cool attitude.

Watch the tone of voice. Gestures should be feminine. Scientific studies have shown that the stronger sex prefers melodious, low voices of women. In addition, a man does not like it when she talks incessantly.

Configure a attractive image. Change the image, dress fashionable and tasteful. External factor also helps to attract the attention of the.

Communicating with a person chose his words carefully. After all, what you say should cause only pleasant emotions interlocutor. Make the conversation as much positive to cheer up others.

Do not give out their cherished secrets. You may be interested in you if you stay in some kind of "zest".

Keep a certain distance. No need to spend time with your partner, you want to be interested in him. And needs a little break in the relationship in time to miss each other.

Try to be different. If you constantly fashionable lady, your partner quickly you will grow cold. Rely on women's intuition, then you can get the attention of another person.

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