Work on your bad habits!

Work on your bad habits!
 About gainful employment, we think about every day. But how often do we think about working on their bad habits? This, of course, also affect our revenues. Overeating, "addicted" to sweets or alcohol habit of late, gambling, smoking - are working on us like a board of directors-tyrants. Is it time to take off the suffocating yoke and find freedom, say goodbye to their bad habits?

"It is written in the old" or "everyone is responsible for themselves?"
One of the reasons restraining a person from working on their bad habits - the belief in the inevitability of fate. It is very convenient to go on about their habits and unpleasant consequences blamed on genes that have got from our ancestors.

No, genetics - a science major. But we do not have to hold fatalistic beliefs. Otherwise we will not be brought to justice for acts committed in a fit of their own desires. Neither the parents nor the authorities, nor the judge could not punish us for the poor if we do it out of habit.

The truth is that we can not violate with impunity the laws in force in nature. One of them - the law of cause and effect, pronounced these words: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." This means that every adult is a "sower."

If, while driving a car we used to break the speed limit, then sooner or later we will "reap" accident. If we smoke, the more likely we "shake" of cancer. I must admit that today we live with the consequences of yesterday's solutions.

Who decides how to me to be a man?
Already in the ancient world spoke about the power of personal decisions that affect the reputation. Sow an act - reap a habit, reap a habit - reap a character, sow character - reap a destiny. In this case, we are not helpless victims of their internal motivations and desires.

Bad habits like gossips create our reputation. For example, because of habit all put off by the last moment we will never be able to win the trust and, therefore, do not build a career and as a result, can not provide a proper degree of himself and his family.

In addition to the loss of health bad habits can lead to a loss of self-esteem. Have you met people who do not believe in yourself? They are the ones who used to go on about their bad habits, feeling remorse. Such people are pathetic.

Once you determine how you will be a man. Work on your bad habits, and do not let them manipulate you. Ignore them reckless orders on how you dispose of their own, time and money.

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