Who washes the dishes: lessons of tolerance

Who washes the dishes: lessons of tolerance
 Recriminations - the eternal problem for many families. Rare pair are able to exclude from their relationship quarrel over trifles. And perhaps one of the most popular themes for bickering, "Who does the dishes? ". Find a compromise can be very difficult, but possible. That's only necessary to stock up considerable patience.
 It is a peaceful dinner, couples can end a terrible scandal with shouts, reproaches, grievances. And it can be built almost from scratch. How Come? Yes, simply because people began to find out who wash dishes. At first glance, this picture seems absurd. Indeed, perhaps difficult to say elementary phrase: "Dear (sweet), wash, please dishes." Or something like that. Of course, simply. Here are just situations like the above, for some reason does not become smaller. After all, usually after a day at the head of a tired man is swarming multitude of thoughts and talk about kitchen utensils cause incredible irritation. Or, conversely, relaxed, relax all day personality, it is difficult to tune in to any work. Reasons may of course be different. But anyway the simplest way to becoming a splash of negative ones.

If you encounter this problem, start it should be addressed, oddly enough, not with the dishes. Better to find out, "eat" if household chores and household duties is your relationship with your loved one. Think how often you swear in the second half on the little things, it turned out that someone go to the store, who wash the floor, someone to cook dinner, who walk the dog, etc. If quarrels occur frequently, out of this situation urgently need to find a way out. In other such nonsense and before the divorce can bring one of the most reliable ways to leave - it daily "guzzle baldness" to each other. But by mutual desire to find peace in the family petty issues necessarily go into the background.

Even in very difficult situations, it is always possible to discuss everything and anything to negotiate. Therefore, discuss the present state of affairs at the family council. Speak different ways of solving the problem is to divide household duties, or, conversely, do them together or on schedule. Show mutual respect, understanding and above all, be patient. After all, after this reconciliation - not the fact that everything goes smoothly. It is necessary to get used to anything new. But after a while you will notice that a row over nepomytoy dishes have disappeared by themselves.

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