When tired of being strong ...

When tired of being strong ...
 In moral terms, women are stronger than men, and it has long been proved. It is on the weaker sex assigned too many responsibilities with which the ladies cope though jokingly. They create a cosiness in the house, cleaned, cook, wash, work, give birth and raise children, control costs, make a purchase. And yet still manage to morally support their husbands.
 A woman can do everything: and stop a galloping horse, and enter into a burning house. So it was for a number of years, although men and consider themselves to be the stronger sex. But if at least one member had to spend one day in the role of women in the evening he would have been completely exhausted. After all, a woman carries a lot of cases and thus remains in excellent shape.

Of course, this does not apply to all women, but to their majority. They take on the obligations that can not afford to fulfill any man. Take and cope with them! But in the lives of many women there comes a time when they throw up their hands when there is no more strength to go forward, dragging a load of problems. And all experience it differently. Someone takes a break and goes on vacation, someone falls into a deep depression, well, someone is looking for a solution to all the problems at the bottom of the bottle.

And each of these solutions can not lead to anything good. Time passes, but problems remain. Moreover, they are becoming more. After all, no vacation or depressed, or the influence of alcohol a woman is not able to do what it is assigned. But there is a solution, but it is elsewhere. In fact, about which women sometimes do not even remember.

In fact, it's simple. You just need to accept the rules of the game imposed by society. Do not forget that now the era of patriarchy. Often need to remind men that you are the weaker sex, and you should not demand too much from you. Women tend to themselves driven into a circle, which is very difficult to break. They protected the men from the storms of modern life, lying on the breast recess. And only need to shift some concerns at the man and any woman will have more time to smile and relax.

Do not think that the stronger sex can not cope. After all, they too can cook soup, wash clothes, raise children and earn money. Just women are too often experience that a man will do everything wrong. Yes, maybe for the first time and he will not all as it should. But over time, anyone can learn to do housework. It is only necessary to competently lead him to it. Of course, we can categorically tell his wife that from now on he is engaged in the purchase of products and dishwashing. And in some cases this will result. In some, but not all. So you should be a little tricky to shift some concerns on the strong man's shoulder. Allow yourself to be a woman, not a robot that can do everything and always. Remember that you are a representative of the fairer sex, and often reminds us of this to their men. And then your life will be much happier.

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