Want to keep up!

Want to keep up!
 The pace of life of the modern city sets its own rules. Maybe there is no longer the rule "if you want to live - to know how to spin", but in its place comes another: "if you want to succeed - to know how to spin." Therefore, accumulate a lot of cases, but in the day and left for 24 hours. It is necessary to do everything, and still do not forget to pay attention to itself.

Many probably once in my life, but tried to live according to the order. Remember these signs where all painted by the minute: at the time I get up, ten minutes to charge, ten minutes to shower, then breakfast and - to school, to college, to work. Some people can live, put himself in such a framework, but, in fact, very few people do it. In the morning a little oversleep in the evening instead of painted cases sit home watching TV or go out with your friends - and all mode frustrated. No will to win is no longer remains.

But the regime, by and large - it is a very good thing. Maybe it should not be painted in fractions of seconds, enough to outline a plan of a day, a week, anything from him without hiding, to identify which cases need to do and how much time they will take. So you will easily understand how to distribute all these things, and more likely to have time to finish them in time than if done everything, as they say, "from the bulldozer."

For this purpose, get yourself daily. In the diary, you can easily paint all by leaps and bounds, all cases will be you in a book, and nothing to lose. You can easily place them in the correct order, depending on what you need to do first. Also, you will be easy to make and a global plan for the year in which you do not miss any deadlines summer holidays or scheduled for the spring of moving or birthdays of loved ones.

However, planning is impossible without two things: love for the business in which you are engaged, and the "internal clock" internal "must", feeling that to do this or that is necessary, and that you have no way to pass the case to someone else's shoulders . Without these two qualities a person can easily ignore all plans and agendas, because they are, in fact - just a piece of paper.

So do not be put at the forefront painted on a five-year plan ahead, but first of all change the motivation. Understand that the more you do, the sooner you will be working, the big jackpot then fall through. Then you'll have time to everything and more.

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