Orgasm? Why is it needed?

Orgasm? Why is it needed?
 Sexual intercourse - is not only an opportunity to continue the human race or to have fun. It is also a complex mechanism with its binding elements that have important psychological value. For example, an orgasm - is not just a sign of satisfaction. It is provided by nature and serves more than one purpose.  

Without going into the intricacies of the differences of male and female orgasm, we note at once that it is equally necessary for both sexes. You can talk about its biological and social functions, or proper psychological.

Recent manifest that allows your partner to orgasm feel more confident. He makes sure that I could give you the satisfaction of which instantly changed for the better self-esteem. In addition, it indicates the mutual getting pleasure from the process, which means you and in the future will continue to be engaged in amorous pleasures. And here it is necessary to turn to have biological functions orgasm.

This feels like a reward for partners and increase the frequency and duration of sexual games increases the likelihood of having a child. It is these goals and pursuing nature, providing a signaling mechanism. However, there are just and protective functions of orgasm, more well-studied on the example of the female body. Typically, studies show that all the findings are valid for both men.

It appears that orgasm can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. People are less likely to collide with heart attacks and strokes. In addition, if you are having an orgasm on a regular basis, you will soon be able to note the emotional lift. The whole body begins to feel better, he strengthened. All this contributes to the harmonization of the nervous system, increases resistance to stress factors. Importantly, as noted, and weight loss.

Women regularly orgasm protects against diseases such as breast and uterine blood flow through the regulation of the organs. Its absence leads to stagnation of blood and, therefore, deprived of the breast necessary hormones, which leads to mastitis. The situation is similar to the genitals: devoid of hormones, they are victims of fibroids. With respect to male orgasm plays a similar role in protecting normal functioning prostate.

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