Jealousy for no reason

Jealousy for no reason
 Some people are prone to fits of jealousy. Moreover, most often they are actively showing this feeling: check his pockets, looking furtively phones their partners, arrange interviews and monitor the movements of their loved ones. And the weaker sex, in contrast to the strong, sometimes manifests jealousy for no reason.
 Women are less jealous, even though they have more reasons for the emergence of this feeling. Men think only change the infidelity in bed. A weaker sex more emotional, and even that partner looked toward another woman, can cause uncontrolled panic attack.

Indeed, the reason for jealousy in women a lot. This is a strange hair on his lapel, and unknown number in a notebook, and a five-minute absence of a loved one. Even the fact that man, as usual, did not say the words of love, may bring on an attack of jealousy. But it is necessary nevertheless to distinguish between jealousy for no reason, and it's a feeling that comes on an intuitive level. In the first case with the discomfort you have to fight, and in the second - check partner. And if it is indeed wrong, to solve this problem.

Unjustified jealousy akin to mental illness. Mind, she understands that experience like just silly. But Lawless Heart, especially when it is lit the flame of emotion. At this point, almost any of the fairer sex is bad in control of himself. She can say or do that in a normal state she did not even come to mind.

Get rid of unpleasant feelings alone is very difficult. You can do auto-training, to discuss the problem with your partner, to spend a hundred of tests to ensure fidelity to a loved one, but still jealousy disappears. To solve this dilemma, it is best to consult a good psychologist. Unpleasant feelings do not arise by themselves, they are the result of some sort of psychological problem. Perhaps it is the regular betrayal of his father, self-doubt, fear of losing a loved one, and more. You can not give advice that will suit all women immediately. To get rid of unjustified jealousy, you must first determine its origins, and then uproot it from the subconscious.

Do not blame the character, situation or partner. Possessive not occur for these reasons. Do not fight with them, contact the person who can solve your problem. And when unjustified jealousy leave you, you will again be able to enjoy life and love of a loved one.

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