If you are rich and successful, but it is one

If you are rich and successful, but it is one
 The feeling of loneliness is familiar to many people, both men and women, young and old. Thus it is impossible to say exactly why one person is all right in his personal life, and the other can not find a soul mate. For example, a beautiful successful woman, but next to it there is a life partner. Why is this happening?

Today, more and more young girls aspire to make a career, to achieve material prosperity, to be independent from their parents or from anybody else. In this case, the personal life they practically are not engaged, thinking that will have time to start a family when they reach all the goals. But when a woman achieves wealth and success in society, it turns out that you have someone who would be close, which could create a full family.

And others wonder this situation, because, in theory, have a successful and interesting women, should be a lot of fans, among which we can find a soul mate. But the reality is it is not so. The reasons for the loneliness of a woman can be set. And if she is financially secure, has a certain social position in society, such causes even more.

One of them is the fact that men are afraid of strong women. Namely, this must be a woman to succeed in society, to achieve some career heights. In the pursuit of money for professional development of women accustomed to control their feelings and emotions, acquired some of the habits of men, business acumen. Often this type of behavior, and it carries on communication outside working hours. Therefore, few of the men ready to see next to a woman who, in fact, does not need their care, custody and protection. By and large, have no need to ensure that women in marriage, since it is independent of any material, neither morally by men.

If a woman, having achieved some success in life, able to combine business acumen and femininity, it is still not the fact that she will find a soul mate. Reason alone can be that woman, accustomed to live alone, to take care of itself, can not fully open to men. Even if there is a desire to create a family, she is afraid of the changes that will occur in her life with the appearance of her husband and children. Now she will have to take care not only about themselves, and it will not have the former freedom of action. These are the thoughts and do not give her a chance to establish personal life.

Sometimes the cause of loneliness wealthy ladies are commonplace inferiority complexes. If she is successful, wealthy, received recognition in the society, it does not mean that she feels confident as a woman. Maybe she does not like something about your appearance, or it just feels insecure in the company of men, only if it was not her business partners.

Another cause of loneliness in a business woman may be excessive demands on their future spouse. Women who had a successful career, are critical of themselves, and many of them want to see the next person who will fit them. Under such conditions is quite difficult to find a suitable candidate.

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