How to cure a broken heart

How to cure a broken heart
 Parting is always robs the joy of life - if in a moment crumbling an established and comfortable life, you feel an incredible loneliness and grief. In the first minutes after the break you think that your broken heart no one is able to accept and love.
 With this state can and should fight - return to life itself gradually and smoothly. After pobudet be alone for several days, and it is necessary to reflect on what happened and to protect themselves from reckless behavior, start chatting. There are several methods of struggle with grief and universal recipes to get rid of painful depending on the past.

If you can be comforted when communicating with friends or close relatives, contact them for advice and support. You may have to listen to several lectures on how people should behave, which was thrown, and maybe you will become a subject for pity - it does not matter. The important thing is that you can share with someone, and you become more comfortable on this, because all wear a heavy and harmful to the psyche. Besides, no one requires you to confession, frank intimate conversations - conversations are better news from the personal psychoanalyst or complete strangers, which you will never see. Friends can help distract - arrange a party, invited to the theater, to accompany you on vacation.

Try to go through the pain and disappointment - it is a necessary stage of recovery. Establish new contacts, meet with other people, find yourself a new hobby, load themselves with work. Do not allow yourself to sink into painful memories, always remember that you need to move forward. Over time, you will notice that things are not so bad, and you can sit in the restaurant, where there were once a former lover.

Do not make the mistake and not tie new novel immediately after breaking up - you need time to think things through, to find errors, soothe emotions. And if you are using another person to forget the former, it would be unfair to the new friend. It is better to arrange a vacation and not be bound to respect, some time - a change of scenery, find a source of new experiences. Re-evaluate their values ​​and attitude to life - consider the separation as a lesson that will help you become stronger, more experienced and happier.

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