How to create a useful habit?

How to create a useful habit?
 Every person is born, having in his "baggage" a few congenital (unconditioned) reflexes. Then as they grow older and gains the habit, that is, behavior in a particular situation. They can be both useful and harmful. It is understood that should fully develop healthy habits, such as cleanliness, tidiness, physical education, at the same time getting rid of the bad. But it is not so easy to do. And the formation, and getting rid of habits - a long process.

How to form the habit of exercise, while increasing muscle strength?

Any normal man wants to have a beautiful, athletic developed body. In addition to aesthetics, it is very good for health. No wonder the ancient Greeks used to say: "In a healthy body - healthy mind! "Yes, and the power can always come in handy. You never know what the situation is in real life!

So, people read the relevant literature, picked up a set of dumbbells, started training. First impressions did not take long to wait - it's a pain in overworked muscles and tendons stretched. Sometimes very strong. But at the same time a person feels that his muscles become bigger and stronger!

Inspired by this success, he was with renewed vigor and enthusiasm continues to exercise. So goes a week, two, three. Much enthusiasm fades and fatigue increases. By the end of this period, a person may feel so exhausted that literally begins to resist the temptation to throw somewhere far away ostochertevshie dumbbells, doing all the exercises, gritting his teeth through the "can not". In this state, many drop out of training, returning to old habits and experiencing as a result of a bitter disappointment.

But it was worth to wait another decade, and it would have been very different!

Studies show that the average term of fixing a new habit - for forty days. During this time, the human body is rebuilt so that the habit is no longer cause rejection. On the contrary, people already perceive it as something necessary, even useful, pleasurable.

So if you decide to work out at a useful habit, try to hold out for at least forty days! Get all the power of the will, which is only capable of.

Of course, this applies not only to the exercises with weights, but also to the development of many other habits, usually daily.

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