Gossip - is evil? Pro and con

Gossip - is evil? Pro and con
 Many believe that gossip - it is a real evil. But in fact, far from it. Gossip, like any social phenomenon, a number of important functions for their audience. In this case, the functions are not only diverse but also very useful for the society.  

In fact, the gossip - it's not such a bad, as many believe, because they perform as many as a number of important tasks for society. All these functions are six, and should consider them carefully.

The first function of gossip may include information and informative. Thus, gossip is often a complement to any other information and acts at the same time as certain pitfalls of the information stream, which completely reverses the meaning of what happened. So, for example, a good gossip news can easily turn information into a more negative.

The second function of gossip - affiliative-integration. Thus, the exchange of people gossip shows their particular similarities, as well as a single hierarchy of values.

Perform gossip and entertainment and gaming feature. The thing is that, in contrast to the gossip, rumors are usually transmitted between people very easily, effortlessly. Often this helps lightheadedness information embedded in the very gossip. By the way, this function gossip often makes the process of distribution for some people in the real game.

Gossip is typical of the projection-compensatory function. For example, many people are exchanging gossip, often embellishes them with my own speculations about a particular object, man.

Characterized by gossip and function of social control. Gossip is a part of the views of society, and hence can be hidden and informal control element.

Gossip can also be used as a kind of weapon in the struggle between classes and groups. This demonstrates the tactical function of gossip.

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