Deviant behavior and suicide

Deviant behavior and suicide
 In the life of every teenager comes a difficult period of time before he starts to behave strangely. Deviant behavior is beginning to spread to all those around him, and the main purpose is perhaps, to show themselves in the social environment. In other words, stand out from the gray mass.

Psychologists say that come to such behavior, individuals who believe that they paid little attention to the external environment. Deviants - it's mostly teenagers from 12 to 16 years, who are trying to deviate from the whole of society, in order to show the world what they can do. Most often, such attempts are stopped or guardians or parents, or end suicide. Teens at this age tend to know themselves in various ways, so are not limited to the imagination, becoming victims of various subcultures, and start to try illegal drugs.

Deviant behavior - is hyperactive behavior that characterizes a person as stupid, ignorant, configured to act contrary to the moral law. Attract the attention of every teenager wants, and if he does not get the desired, it can make a suicide attempt.

Suicide - a "warning shot" of a man who is in a state of despair. People subordinate to suicide, are divided into two groups: those that spread throughout the information about the future of committing suicide, blackmailing and resorting to extremes, but ultimately did not make the decisive step to death, and those who keep silent all the time and end up in an unexpected moment suicide.

Experts believe that such conduct affects the society as a whole, so sociology for many years, is also studying the facts. Psychology also states that a person is experiencing personal problems and social environment as a whole - a "booster" of its sensitivity.

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