Beauty can all. And how to be a mere mortal?

Beauty can all. And how to be a mere mortal?
 Since childhood, each person has to face the reality: beautiful everything is possible, but unremarkable people do not notice. Children often suffer from the fact that their cute and lovely sister or brother gets all the attention from parents and others. However, this is not a sentence to the current identity.

If you feel that you are surrounded by beauty, and you among them - ugly, try to look at yourself. Most likely, you're just exaggerating shortcomings of their appearance, not noticing the advantages. This is a common problem among women, and it can be solved only revision of attitude. Once you begin to love yourself, you will notice around and your dignity. And while you are focused only on their imperfections, they catch the eye and all your loved ones.

One philosopher said: "Do not worry what people think about you people, because they are very busy myslyamio what you think of them." It is indeed true, we are not seeking to ensure that like myself, and to compliance with some standards. You would think that others can see your every pimple and freckles, and yet the majority of cases, and not before.

Our self-image depends on many factors. Have you noticed that the company beauties feel ugly, but being close to the plain woman - in front of blossoms. That's because we are fixated on comparisons, we can not perceive themselves regardless of appearance of another person. But this only leads to the fact that we lose as a person is dissolved in these endless comparisons.

We return to the standards. They change, like everything else in this world, and what seemed like an ideal in XVIIIveke may horrify today. It follows that line by a standard meaningless, because less than a 20 years as former idols will be forgotten and supplanted by new ones. Try to find your own style, wearing only what you really like it, and this is not in the latest issue of the glossy magazine. If you feel confident in some clothes, others will notice it too.

But what makes each of us is really beautiful - this is love. Look at the lover and the beloved girl - she shines light in her eyes, moist lips, a faint blush. I do not need no grueling beauty treatments, diets and gyms - you've already got their, love you. In the eyes of the elect, you are great, he does not see any flaws in you, even if they are. He loves your hump on the nose, a mole on the cheek, not quite flat tummy, because it is your crook, a mole and a favorite imperfect press.

Well, we formulate some basic principles of living in which you'll be in the category of beauties. This is the right attitude to oneself, self-perception without comparison with others, lack of desire to emulate the standards and, of course, love. Once again, looking at herself in the mirror, try to do a sober assessment of their appearance, scrolling in mind these 4 rules. And then, quite possibly, you will feel that can really give odds of any beauty with "otfotoshoplennoy" magazine cover.

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