Art therapy - ABC mental self

Art therapy - ABC mental self
 You are talking on the phone with the boss, listen to his cries and complaints, and themselves parallel to draw on a piece of notebook scary faces, clouds or just something abstract. If this happened to you, then you are using the techniques of art therapy unconsciously. Do you want to know what kind of art therapy such, and how you can use it to improve your condition and improve your mood?

Art therapy - a treatment with the help of art. The most common of its direction - namely painting, although there is still music therapy, plastelinoterapiya, tale and many others. The technique is the same: with the help of an art form, which begins to take people back inner harmony and peace.

How does this work? It's very simple. The fact that art - an ancient tool used by people for a variety of tasks. The initial task of art - the transmission of information. How ancient people painted on the walls of caves hunting buffalo and ritual dances, and now we represent the things that cause us emotional response. Drawing anything, even unconsciously, we allow your problem to go outside, making it visible, so - less scary.

Also, when you are doing some creativity, you get great pleasure from the process. It's very nice: just draw on the paper flower and rejoice as nice and neat you have it turned out. Also gives a person pleasure and modeling, and extract audio from a musical instrument. Art therapy helps to forget about your everyday difficulties and relax, it is immersed in the art.

If you drew something with children, then you should know that the process often resembles a regular game. The same thing happens during art therapy: you dissolve in the process, allowing himself to play and have some fun, not thinking about what will be the result. After all, the picture painted at this time, does not claim to be masterpieces. You simply allow yourself to drive a brush on the paper, leaving a chaotic strokes, and just do it only for yourself, do not think about what is good or bad. You simply create and nothing else.

Art therapy classes do not have any contraindications. They can engage in any mental condition and under any condition of health. Children using art therapy learn to express their thoughts and transmit the mood, and adults begin to feel great integrity and often find a way out of difficult situations. Describe the possible long if you have ever tried to do something like that, you just need to do it, you immediately feel like changing your mood.

You can open the talent of the artist, deeply hidden since childhood, or to learn more harmonious perception of colors and shades. In addition, drawing, people attached to the beautiful, and it's always relaxes and gives confidence. Engage in art therapy right now, you are sure to enjoy.

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