You and your girlfriend School: 10 years later

You and your girlfriend School: 10 years later
 The school girlfriend seems the closest person - you very well play, socialize, watch movies and go shopping, and you will never be parted again. But time passes, the person enters into institutions, plant family, travel around to different cities.
 For ten years after graduation lot can happen, but school history can count on a happy ending. Of course, your friendship coming ordeal. In school, you're used to always be together, but then each of you finds his way in life: you do on different specialties. And here is where the problems begin. Someone finds a new girlfriend, because I'm used when there is always a friendly mood of the person who is suffering because of the lack of communication, well, someone passionate about his profession so much that nothing else and can not think. Most school friends drop out at this stage and are replaced by friends of the University.

After graduating, you get a job. And then friends again waiting pitfalls. The easiest way to make friends with people of about the same level of material well-being. Otherwise, one of you may start to believe that it does not want to because of her poverty, while the other will think that a friend is jealous of her money. And each will begin to look for a company in relation to its lifestyle.

Family life also will be a test of friendship. Especially if one of her friends had a baby, and the other is not yet planning to acquire them. Young mum will be interesting to discuss the peculiarities of diet and her baby, and a childless friend will wonder where did the girl disappeared from a variety of interests, which they used to be fun.

Finally, a friend may just move to various cities in search of a better life. Pledged to write to each other every day, however, each immersed in his life. And letters come less and less often.

True friendship is like love, it's kinship without physical attraction. Having a friend should do everything possible to save it. And if your friendship with the girlfriend was exactly a real sense, not the friendly relations, based on the fact that you're sitting at a desk, it is able to step and a ten-year and twenty-year milestone, and stay with you for life.

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