What is friendship

What is friendship
 People talk to each other, find common interests, exchange views, hold a lot of time together, help and trust each other. And because almost no one seriously thinks what a deep sense is incorporated in the word "friendship".
 Friendship - it's not just the similarity of interests. It is, first of all, deep heartfelt emotions that not everyone is able to experience. True friends are able to understand each other without words, at some cell energy level. A true friend is always notice the tiniest change in the mood of his friend with the help of his only clear gestures.

Friendship - is not just mutual cooperation and relations based on respect for their inherent only laws, the most important of which can be considered as mutual respect, the ability to admit mistakes, constructive criticism, punctuality and commitment, recognition of someone else's point of view.

Friendship - is a trust relationship in which a person is not looking for benefits. They are unselfish: one already enjoys what makes a pleasant another. Friendships are built on complete trust, readiness to help each other at any time, day and night, and this assistance may be both moral and material.

Many people know what is friendship, but not everyone can be friends. The problem is that not every person can understand the nature of this feeling. It is not barter, not buying and selling, and not even a good attitude on credit, and reciprocity, sincere and from the heart.

Of course, one can not speak about equality - someone always gives a little more than it receives, but a true friend will never turn away from you and it would seem, in the most difficult situation helping hand.

In sincere friendship no statute of limitations, is not affected by distance. People can sometimes see periodically call each other, but related shower and emotional connection will always be between them.

Nobody says that friendships do not experience various crises. People may quarrel, but while remaining friends. It is important to know the limits of what is permitted. Any problem can be solved by discussing it and sort through. People who can not talk to each other on any topic, trying to reach a compromise, alas, no longer friends.

In every relationship, even friendships, there is a heavy and difficult period, which is called lapping. It is important to go through it with minimal losses, endure and be able to understand the man.

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