Terms of female friendship: what can and can not

Terms of female friendship: what can and can not
 Female friendship for someone myth, but for someone to reality. A close friend, and sometimes more than one, is able to support at any time, listen and give advice. But even in such behavior has its own rules of the game.
 Friendship between women can be generated at any time and in any place. Sometimes one just knowing look in the crowd is able to bring together two of the fair sex. Having a girlfriend, ladies begin to think that it is certainly something we can say all - she will forgive and understand. In these respects there are moments that are not just inappropriate, but also prohibitive. And they should take into account everyone who dare to go through life hand in hand with my boyfriend.

Despite the closeness, your friend is not you, and therefore know everything about your life is not worth it. Of course, share a secret - it is necessary and important, but let's dig "in the dirty laundry" is not worth it. The same applies to the area of ​​your interest on the life of a friend. Restrain yourself not to ask too intimate question.

Beware of advice that is given to a friend, especially in difficult times. To judge someone else's life by sounds pretty easy, but in reality it is not so. Having a couple of frivolous phrases, you can destroy someone's relationship, career or family. Therefore, to express their opinions without clear guidance for action.

Select friends from your social circle. It is so possible to avoid the main danger posed to female friendship - envy.

Single moment - with men. Remember that the fans and the passion girlfriend for you to remain asexual beings, because the slightest hint of interest in them is able to embroil you forever.

In addition to the prohibitions in the women's friendship is and opposing rules. For example, you should always keep in touch, because who does not like a best friend, first find out about the new guy or a dress! Keep your loved one in sorrow and in joy. Seclusion in good times you say about a lot more than the presence of bad.

In conclusion, it remains to say about gratitude. Never take for granted your friendship and intimacy with his girlfriend. Every day, remember all that she has done for you, how good and kind you got from it, how positive emotions you experienced together. This is what will ensure a strong link for many years.

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