Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are

Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are
 According to how people are in the immediate vicinity, you can tell a lot about the character of this man. In particular, this applies to female friendship. Who's your friend and who are you?

Probation and roughly denote types of female characters as "bitch", "gray mouse" and "beauty".

If your environment has a girlfriend with the type of character "bitch", then on you can say the following: you are more susceptible to influence by others than themselves ready to become a leader, and you is not particularly worried. Also should look at the "bitch" in order to understand their world. They are great to amuse you. They behave openly and naturally, they say what they think everywhere, even in places where most people would prefer to remain silent. With "bitch" never get to have a strong friendship with them, you can only have fun.

If you have a friend with a type character "gray mouse" - inconspicuous, smart, do not always have a good appearance, but almost always has a rich inner world, something about you can say that you are the complete opposite of her. You are beautiful, but not so smart. But the relationship with the opposite sex you in times better and more successful than the "gray mouse". Do you like to advise, teach, instruct your girlfriend. This usually relates to public life - gait, style, manner of speaking, and so on. Friendship yours probably will last a long time. But it can dramatically cut short at the moment when the "mouse" will start to dress more stylishly already own, she will begin to change interests, and she rarely will listen to your advice.

"Pretty Woman", being your friend, even if you are not the owner of the chic and alluring figure, can make you more attractive in its background. Men will see in you a certain "flavor", they say, once this babe next to this girl, it means that there is something there. Friendship with "beauty" often comes to an end because of the man whom you can not share it.

Whatever may be the friend in your environment, you should never idealize your relationship. All personal secrets always keep with you on that because they are personal.

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