Sworn friend: how to live with them

Sworn friend: how to live with them
 Many people think that female friendship can be selfless and sincere. In fact, among friends there are always girls with different objectives and attitude to you. With some nice chat with other interesting topics to discuss, with the third to be friends and share emotions. But there are some friends with whom to behave gently several times to think before you share secrets.
 Sometimes it takes time to understand the true intentions. Meets-girlfriend imitators. Ever since childhood, you can pay attention to the girls who look and behavior are very similar to each other. One of them constantly takes over at his girlfriend manner of speaking, dressing, dreams and desires. Most often they like and like the same guys. Even worse - if it is the same man. This friendship ends abruptly and frustrating for both friends. For imitation of hiding and low self-esteem, and admiration with distaste at the same time.

Girlfriend-zavistnits constantly expresses its dissatisfaction with the fact that she does not have what you have. Their behavior, it gives you a sense of guilt. You will take care of a friend as long as enough of your patience. To get better, to develop and reach the same heights as you have a girlfriend is not necessary. It, by and large, satisfied with her ordinary life, but you will always be in the unpleasant position of blame. In such a friendship you basically will give, and it is - take without giving anything in return.

Friend-rival will try to beat all your accomplishments. It will be ready for anything in order to take the lead, to beat your achievements in terms of career, and in terms of the family. Such an alliance girlfriends spur to the development of both. The result - each achieves its goals.

Girlfriend-appropriate status - such a friendship going on between those women who have acquired a certain position in society, have material wealth and pleasant fans. Relations are very good, you will always have the desire and the general and common interests, but only so long as one of you will not lose their privileges. Once lost a high position in society one of her friends, friendship is automatically dissolved. Be careful in relationships, appreciate sincerity and honesty.

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