Relations with the former: let's be friends

Relations with the former: let's be friends
 Typically, such a proposal comes from a partner who has initiated the divorce. For the first time, while passions subsided, about any continuing relationship, the more the friendship, many will not hear. Over time, it becomes clear that it is not for nothing that man was close to you: you can remain common children, common friends, common hobbies. And then a friendly relationship with ex-lover you do not seem quite so unreal.

Move to friendly relations can be only when you really calmed down, and you will no longer want to lower the head of his "former" pan heavier. Yes, and he should understand that you are all in the past and not to repeat at a meeting annoying phrase: "And do not start for us all over again? ".

Both of you need to understand that your meetings are not the beginning of a new round of romantic relationships, so that later arose resentment and misunderstanding. It is best to specify the time and do not take affectionate words and gestures, remaining from past feelings for the manifestation of the hidden sexual desire.

Feature of our memory is that eventually all the bad beginning to be forgotten. Do not embark on joint memories of how well you've been together. Leave Me "in memory" a few things that you once could not forgive and that overflowed your cup of patience, it will help you not to relax and not to cross a certain line in the relationship, not to step twice on the same rake.

Remember that you should not get involved in the competition "Who was better after the divorce" and does not keep track of his zeal for success in life and women. Now each of you your way, and do not be upset that your divorce was for him a major setback to fate. Rejoice in his new achievements and at the same time try to be sincere.

Avoid mixing friendship with sex. Men tend to just do it, and for them does not matter one-time friendly sex. In women after sexual intimacy begins to produce the hormone responsible for attachment to a person, and she begins to worry again issues and unnecessary fantasies. Try to protect yourself from unneeded frustration.

Remember that if you have decided on such a relationship with her ex-husband or boyfriend, you have to have a certain strength of will and be a mature person, incapable of unnecessary reflection on the former happiness.

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