My friend - a man!

My friend - a man!
 As far as possible friendship between a man and a woman - an unresolved dispute. How many people, so many opinions. The main thing is that you be sure that it exists. And know that you have a reliable friend.

Your friend - a man. This is a very nice thing, because he is your opposite of what makes your friendship very interesting. But it should be noted that in such a situation has its pros and cons.

For example, men do not like to go shopping, but with them you can spend hours chatting on the phone on various topics (of course, none of them in such a predilection is not recognized). When what they are wonderful listeners will be able to understand many of the problems. And give good advice - because they are more balanced, calm, logical. Rare women can calmly consider their troubles.

Man will not beat the fans and you will not be competing in beauty. But many women trouble understanding them can not be: hormonal disruptions, hysteria, stress, depression, or, on the contrary, irrepressible fun and excessive activity. In this case, you are better off to meet another female.

And the most interesting thing is that no one can know what's going on in the mind of another person. Do you sincerely believe that this man - your friend and no more, and he might have a crush on you, simply does not dare to admit. Inapplicable solve this problem. Frank talk with his friend and resolve any misunderstandings. Do not pull the such a serious conversation in the future, do not hurt the feelings of a loved one. Or maybe it's fate? And your relationship will flow on in a different way.

If you are convinced that it is, indeed, only one, you're in luck. Now you can fully trust him. And with the presence in it of qualities such as reliability, loyalty, compassion, you will always have support. Of women is difficult to expect this, because their nature is often a windy - Today friends and enemies tomorrow.

But in general, it is good when a lot of friends and not just men. After all communication with them uplifting, makes life brighter and more cheerful. And when you feel bad, you can always complain to the "vest" and get a lot of useful tips.

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