Is there a female solidarity?

Is there a female solidarity?
 In some men, the concept of "women's solidarity" is condescending smile, saying that it is just as plausible as the cohabitation of two bears in one den. Other men, on the other hand, refer to this accusingly: say, a woman will always support another woman, regardless of whether it is right or to blame. And all this because of that notorious solidarity.
 The term "solidarity" means the support, protection of someone's actions, attitudes, beliefs. This support may be caused by a variety of reasons, and they are not always welcome. Often works quite primitive slogan "Our beat! "- Of course, in a figurative sense. Since the woman is always better man understands and behavior problems and another woman, she instinctively gets on her side, no matter who was at fault in a quarrel, conflict. It is from here and proceed male notions of women's solidarity, saying that right there and does not smell, women will always blame the man.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with that one woman protects another. Especially often really the fault lies with the man. But we can not blindly defend the principle: "She's right, if only because he belongs to the weaker sex." We must not forget about the justice or common sense. Here is a typical example: the girlfriend again "wash up bones" men discussing this another vital, sensitive topic as male infidelity. And once again come to the conclusion: "All men - males! "It is they who are to blame, and they deceived the woman - innocent sufferer.

But men change their wives, girlfriends with other women. And those knowing that their partners are married or have steady girlfriends, however, come into contact with them. Why is stung ladies do not blame these women, or find them a bunch of extenuating circumstances? Why not ask the question: if there is their own fault that they (or their female relatives, girlfriends) changed? All of the same notorious solidarity or they are just afraid to admit that women, too, are not perfect?

Or an example. Upset woman recognized her friend that she did not awkward relationship with her husband. And that instead of advice to calm down, think about the reason to talk frankly with her husband, her regrets and incites: "There are so many men, did not find solace with someone! "What is it - solidarity or is it a provocation? And the consequences of such support here?

Therefore it is necessary to take for a strict rule: solidarity must be reasonable, not cause unpleasant consequences. In someone else's personal life is better not to climb. Even if it is a close relative or best friend.

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