Is there a female friendship?

Is there a female friendship?
 Opinions about female friendship apart. Someone thinks that the two girls can be friends only if they have against whom enmity. Someone believes that sincere friendship between the fair sex can still be. Believe or not to believe in a real female friendship - everyone chooses.
 Ask two friends why they often communicate, and consider whether what connects them, true friendship. Perhaps, almost all will tell you that this is the case, and not sovrut. Friendship - it's not something tangible that you can see or touch. It's like a feeling that, perhaps, can be compared with love. Only manifestation of these feelings some others.

At the same time, the notion of friendship in all completely different. And among people came to this feeling, it is necessary that the notion of him they coincided. It happens that a friend quarrel because one of them thought that the other pays enough attention to her. Not alien friendship and one of the manifestations of love - jealousy. Quarrel between friends because of it - are not uncommon. But, perhaps, a relationship that can easily violate such a trifle difficult to call this woman's friendship. So what does it actually is and whether there really?

A strong relationship between women - much more than just gatherings in cafes and gossip about friends. The one you think is the best friend, never betrays and support in any situation. But at the same time, it will stop at the right time and give useful advice. Can not be considered a friend of the person who approves everything your actions and words. Friends help each other to get better, and this is sometimes simply necessary comments and adjustment.

Women are mostly very hot-tempered, and therefore can happen between friends quarrel. But true friendship above quarrels and disputes. If two girls are respected and valued each other's opinions, quarrels will eventually become less and less. It is one thing - to make friends at school or college, and quite another - in adulthood, when a lot of problems and cases.

It happens that for the daily chores friends move away. But true friendship is not going anywhere. It will remain, even if you will see once every few years. Do not believe that women can not be friends. Respect, appreciate his girlfriend and listen to it. Maybe that's you show others what can be a strong female friendship.

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