How to search for friends

How to search for friends
 In childhood friends appear themselves, and we do not think about where they come from. But over time, an old friendship comes to naught, and new acquaintances and remain just friends. Where to find friends - this question is asked not only notorious teenagers, but it is held more mature person.
 To understand why it is so difficult to find friends and where they generally look for, it is necessary to understand what a "friendship". Each invests in a concept meaning. For each one - a magic wand, for another - vest, for the third - pal. Under friendship conceal sexual desire, greed, self-pity, fear of loneliness. Substitution of this feeling cheaper alternatives inevitably creates spiritual emptiness.

Not to be left alone, we must understand that friendship implies equality, cooperation and common cause. So, you need to choose friends on the same principle. Look for common ground with other people.

Pretty easy to find friends among equals in status (education, social status, material wealth, career achievements). Maintain contacts with schoolmates and colleagues, find childhood friends, revive old or distant family ties. Since you talked (or communicate) with these people a certain period of time, something in common there must exist.
It often happens that the relationship of the level surface are tied to specific events (holidays, anniversaries, evening meetings, corporate events, etc.). Although someone the Free of tension "friendship" quite satisfied.

Another area of ​​search - a hobby or joint leisure. Such connections are usually stronger and more constant than in the first group. Highlight (or one of) his three main passions, and look for like-minded people. Find "habitat" of potential friends will not be difficult, because you are sure to visit them (the gym for fitness enthusiasts, online gamers, playgrounds for young mothers, etc.). Help thematic forums - many online interest groups periodically conduct real meetings.

More complicated, but interesting way to find friends - spontaneous familiarity (at a party, on the train, in the clinic, etc.). Find common ground will be difficult, but the more interesting - you never know what can bind you with a casual acquaintance. Such relationships are unpredictable and their development largely depends on first impressions.

If you have decided on the scope of the search, remember a few important points.
Be active - sitting in four walls, you will not find friends, except for sofa cushion.
Be honest - not to seek benefits to look for other (although sometimes that is exactly what are friends, but when greed takes a back seat).
Show interest - any relationship will not tolerate unilateralism, sooner or later, one of the members of the duo leaves, tired "to play one of the gates." Ask questions, listen more, look at the interlocutor flavor. Return good for good care to care, etc.

The friendship is more valuable than the more difficult it is to win, to gain equality in the relationship. Friendship children and parents, student and teacher, protector and protege (ie, with a large difference in status) is very real and has great potential, but requires hard spiritual work and will not accept superficial feelings.

Treat find friends easily, do not dwell. Do not try to get a friend of all friends in a row. Make friends with those with whom nice and easy to talk to, while remaining himself.

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