How to lift the mood of the person

How to lift the mood of the person
 Everyone is familiar with this situation, when there is apathy or irritation, and the thought of pushing the accumulated problems to depression. When loved ones felt by the load, help them to get rid of him. In your power to show care and attention.
 Take a moment and ask the person to talk to. Not always the case that he does not want to see anyone. In fact, it is just a shame (unpleasant, uncomfortable, ashamed) to say that it oppresses. Not yulite around the bush, pick simple words like "Let's talk." The conversation will allow a person to open, and then throw a heavy ballast of his own fears and concerns. After a conversation of this kind brings relief, and mood will certainly improve.

Banish apathetic state will smile. Try experimenting with passers-by. If you see a man with frowning brows, just smile to him. Most likely, a passerby stops to frown and smile in response. If your loved one is sad, and you can not help, as often as possible tell him you love him. Awareness of self-worth on the ground helps a person understand that he needed to those who loved him. If he wants to be alone, do so wish, but never let him feel lonely.

Do not hesitate to pay compliments, but Know how to distinguish them from the flattery. Compliment - something nice that you want to tell the person from the heart, sincerely, free of charge. But people are very flattered to get the benefit. But if you really want to raise someone feel good, do not be like flatterers. To compliment from your sense was praise for something specific: a look, look, lovely children, a successful performance, etc.

Make a person a pleasant surprise. This can be an original gift, travel, fireworks in his honor, or simply made his own thing. The main thing to know that for a given set of circumstances really appreciate it or be able to distract from the doldrums. Sometimes, to set the mood quite tasty to feed a person or perform one of his promises.

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