His close friend: understand who she is for him!

His close friend: understand who she is for him!
 You have great trust. You know that you love him and he loves you. And all would be nothing if not a little thing constantly makes you suffer from jealousy - his good friend. This girl is sweet, friendly, and does not seem to have it gone. But, as we know, the friendship between a man and a woman can not be. Or can it?

If you know that your loved talking with her friend for a long time, talking to her on the phone, goes to visit, and the like, the first natural reaction - jealousy. Of course, if a man and a woman spend so much time together, they definitely something more than just friendship. Try to calm down and not to make a scene about it. To begin with, that the friendship between a man and a woman is indeed possible. And here is how to figure out these two are friends, or doing something else - now know.
Their love affairs on the side of men usually hide. He will not be opened in your presence rattle on the phone with his mistress, or to tell you that to meet her in the evening after work or on weekends. An awkward position, no matter how genius actor genre was not your faithful, still takes its toll. So you can relax if he does not hide from you that occurs with this woman, then, most likely, their relationship is really purely friendly. Otherwise, you hardly would report such meetings.

It is not necessary to cut a man and even more so to arrange his scandals about your suspicions. Believe me, if he decides not to tell you all about where to go, it will be much worse and even more suspicious afterwards. Leave the situation and watch from the sidelines. If you are not familiar with his girlfriend man, try to somehow tie this acquaintance. Invite her to visit you at home or driving somewhere together a great company. Carefully looked closer to the behavior of your beloved and this woman, you'll be able to draw a conclusion about their relationship. Calculate lovers as easily as seen on someone's in love with the male gaze. Of course, if you are plagued by jealousy, in this type of investigation can be very biased. But try all soberly assess, at worst, have a look some his girlfriend at the two side.

Many women suffer a similar zeal for girlfriends husband for years and even decades. Well, perhaps it is normal that a man and a woman close friends with the school itself, although both have family? Believe me, the longer lasting such a relationship, the less you have cause for concern. Even if initially between a man and a woman in such a pair and could exist sexual attraction, the longer the term, the weaker it becomes. Many people close friends appreciate much more than potential lovers never go to the risk of losing the friendship, accidentally jumping into bed. So try to curb their zeal and to be beloved not only affectionate wife, but also an understanding friend. Because that's what he need.

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