Friendly competition

Friendly competition
 Since ancient times, all of us are concerned about: the friendly relations between the people and the competition - these concepts are compatible. There are many opinions, but we still try to figure out whether there is a competition between friends, and, most importantly, is it necessary?

Firstly, a competitive relationship may be closed, that is not conscious themselves friends. And if in some specific areas of strength Friends approximately equal, then the competition for the advancement and development in this area. For example, two friends can play music. In a closed competition, both will try to not be worse than each other. Such competition is undoubtedly useful. It helps us to improve. We are getting better, try to be useful and always to achieve goals.

Secondly, competition may be open. In this case, sometimes it happens that in certain circumstances, this kind of competition can develop into elementary jealousy and rivalry between friends. Such a scenario is, of course, is not required. But as often happens, especially if friends - children. They have not always able to realize that the competition itself - a thing in general, useful. As a result, competing, they want to prove to others that the other worse. Open competition can hurt friendships. Such a situation can be avoided if to show simple human qualities. It is, first of all, mutual aid. If your friend or not everything turns out worse than you, it is important to simply support.

And what you did, if you suddenly have to compete with one another? Yield or will try to get better? In the end, what will your friendship when a competition is up to you. In any case, it is necessary to remember that you should always remain a friend: sympathetic, kind, tolerant and able to help in any situation. Then your friendship will grow stronger with each passing day.

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