Female friendship: Myth or Reality?

Female friendship: Myth or Reality?
 On the topic of female friendship, there are many jokes and witty sayings. One has only to start talking about the friendly relations between women, as immediately in people is a point of view on this subject.

Why female friendship is controversial and contradictory opinions? Does it exist in reality? By nature, a woman - a rival. Friendship between men, too, is not without an element of competition, but unlike women they compete mainly in his career. The fair sex subconsciously fighting for a good genotype in the name of their future children. The thing is that in the world in number of women more than men, which is why the ladies have to fight for a strong half of mankind for procreation. Therefore, the fairer sex is much more reason to be rivals, it makes female friendship myth.

Another feature of discrediting female friendship - envy. Female jealousy can not be put on a par with the cunning men. Most of the representatives of the strong half of mankind used to clarify their relationship with their fists - they believe that this method is fast and straightforward. Of course, some women also prefer this method, but basically weave a cocoon gossip, develop best laid plans to eliminate a rival. This is quite normal, because the ladies still unacceptable to sort things out with the help of physical force, so they excel.


In fact, the real female friendship is found. When the girls unenvious, sincere, and, for example, are studying in different schools or do not work in a firm and in different specialties when they have completely different tastes in men when they are both from the same social class. For female friendship is very important equality in social status: both married, have children, etc. It also helps to find common topics of conversation. When her friends shared interests, it also brings them closer. It is important not to be jealous, to be able to listen, give advice, do not be vindictive, do not be offended by trifles. Then, perhaps, such a friendship will last a lifetime.

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