Favorite or girlfriend?

Favorite or girlfriend?
 It would seem that can break your long-standing and strong friendship with the girlfriend, but as soon appears on the horizon beloved, you are ready to forget everything and devote himself entirely to him alone, and your relationships. In fact, the question of what is more important - a favorite or girlfriend should not stand. Why would you deprive yourself of the pleasure of communication and relationships when all this can be perfectly combined.

Sense of possessiveness is inherent in all women and none of us is willing to share her man with anyone. For the first time after the beginning of the relationship with a man, you do not have confidence in his strong affection for you, so you subconsciously to protect him from those temptations from which to protect the best you can - from your girlfriends. Because deep down you always knew that Lena - long beautiful legs, Ani - a beautiful appearance, and Inna very charming.

Your complexes prevent you introduce your favorite girlfriends, but it's silly, because in his life he is constantly faced with other interesting women, but chose - that is you. So to start simply stop complexes and rejoice that your loved one a wonderful taste.

While you still can not rebuild themselves, meet friends alone, sharing with them his joy. If a man is sure of himself, he will not let your communication and will wait patiently when you introduce him to her friends. The opportunity to unwind with friends, did not dwell on each other, one of the elements of freedom that must accompany love and then married otnosheniya.Bez stronger confidence to build them is simply impossible.

After some time, be sure to check her man with her friends, in the end, you should be proud of such a clever and beautiful, it raises your status in his eyes. You just have to be confident in them, and this is largely dependent on you - your ability to understand people.

And do not distinguish between love and friendship - a perfect symbiosis that makes our lives richer and more beautiful, and therefore makes us happier and richer emotionally.

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