Three strategies of general cleaning

Three strategies of general cleaning
 Regular general cleaning helps to keep the house clean, to expand the space and create conditions for the inflow of new positive energy. In order not to waste time on useless movement, moving, and not stretch the cleaning for a few days, enough to develop its own strategy.

The first strategy - a plan. Yes, it is a clear plan will intelligently allocate time and effort. On a sheet of paper shall describe, where you begin the process, where he continued and finished than. The most time-consuming work is done first - wash windows, clear the cobwebs from the ceiling and corners. Clean upholstered furniture - Vacuum sofas, armchairs, ottomans. Remove and well protryasite mats, blankets, capes. Then join in removing the debris - dispose of rubbish, take out the old stuff, things sort laundry. The final wash the floor. Before washing the floors slide movable furniture from their seats, wash angles. Wipe skirting boards separately and carefully. Flooring wash disinfectant adding suitable material to the floor. Carpet should bend and wash floors underneath. Bathroom and toilet wash after cleaning the kitchen. The kitchen should cycle through all the cabinets, wash the shelves, drawers refresh. Refrigerator should be cleaned and thoroughly cleaned inside and outside, observing the rules of operation.

The second strategy - align spring cleaning and a large laundry. Wash curtains, curtains, bedspreads, towels and kitchen all be cleaned home textiles. If there is a need, then soak the cloth to remove stubborn dirt tracks.

The strategy of the third and last. Do all the work, moving from top to bottom. This cleaning method will be optimal and comfortable. Properly carried out general cleaning should be completed at the front door. Do not forget to ventilate the apartment, removing remnants dust and odors from cleaning products. To the cleaning process was not too tedious, involve all family members, organize themselves and work interruptions to your favorite music. After hard work arrange a quiet family evening - tea with jam and informal conversation will be a perfect completion of the joint works.

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