Started cleaning? So do it at the right time!

Started cleaning? So do it at the right time!
 Cleanliness and order in the house are the key to good health, warm family relationships and good mood all of its inhabitants. A good hostess is always watching, so that everyone in the house was in order: clean floor, ironed curtains, radiant purity furniture. How can choose the right time for cleaning?

It turns out that even in such a simple enough matter as cleaning the house, has its little secrets. Wise mistress of ancient Russia knew that wet cleaning the house, washing, washing floors and other matters related to water, it is best to do during the waning moon. On the third and fourth phase of the moon removal of dirt with water is most effective.

Modern people often do not believe in the influence of the moon on human activities, but it is very easy to check. You've noticed yourself that cleaning time is fast and good, and sometimes all seemed set against you. You can conduct an experiment to finally make. Try to wash clothes the same degree of contamination in the different phases of the moon, using the same small amount of detergent. You will soon notice that during the waning moon linen satisfied with this content is much better, it is pure white and fragrant, while during the waxing moon on it can be seen spots.

The same rule applies to any wet cleaning apartment: washing floors and windows, dusting, cleaning of furniture and similar chores. On the waning moon should be removed easier and faster, it seems, the very nature helps you with this. Most interestingly, and your health will be much better, you'll be less tired, cleaning will bring you pleasure.

If you delve deeper into astrology, the best time for harvesting - a time when the moon is in the water signs of the Zodiac - Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. It was at this time it is better to do the most difficult and time-consuming work. Still do not believe me? Try it yourself!

All this, however, does not mean that purely in the house should be only during the waning moon. Purely should always be! A house cleaning arrange best follows.

Daily evening, wipe the floor with a damp cloth, especially if children are present. Very harmful to breathe the dusty air, it can even cause damage to the respiratory system. Some people are allergic to dust mites.

So, spend the evening light wet cleaning house and unpack things in places. Teaching about energy states that can not go to sleep if the room is a mess, as it attracts low frequency, that is, negative energies. You will sleep worse, you will have nightmares, insomnia possible.

Once a week should be more thoroughly clean the apartment: disassemble in closets, clean and polish furniture, well wash the floor.

But the so-called spring cleaning, large laundry, cleaning of furniture can be carried out from time to time, during the waning moon. Following this strategy, you will save your time and effort, and your home will always prevail clean and tidy.

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